JBCN Education is a pioneering organisation in the field of education
for over 3 decades, having build a strong presence in schooling sector.

About JBCN
JBCN International School, Oshiwara is now accredited to offer the prestigious IB Diploma Programme!


Our educational philosophy, evolved over thirty years of work in the educational arena,
sees learning as an EduCreative process that nurtures each child’s unique set of talents,
strengths and skills through a balanced Mind Body Soul programme.

About JBCN International School
  • Our History:

    Mrs Pinky Dalal, the chairperson at JBCN (founded in 2002) has been an educator for over 30 years. Her journey in the field of education started in 1984 when she opened her first preschool, Children’s Nook in South Mumbai, with her experience in the education field and took on consulting projects for high schools, setting up the first IBDP programme in South Mumbai. In 2009, JBCN International School became operational with its first campus in Borivali.

  • Our Mission:

    The mission of the school is to nurture inquiring young minds through EduCreative experiences through unique and stimulating teaching approaches that incorporate the best of national and international curricula. Our programme focuses on developing the mind, body and soul of every learner in order to create a life-long love for learning. Our learning experiences, while remaining rooted in Indian values, will enable them to become successful leaders and effective communicators who can adapt effortlessly to a culturally diverse and ever-changing world.

  • Our Milestones:

    Over the years, JBCN Education had much to celebrate. Starting out with Children’s Nook Group of Pre-schools in 1984, today JBCN Education has a group of schools operating in three campuses across Mumbai known as JBCN International Schools. Amidst the journey from a single pre-school to a group of International Schools, JBCN Education has provided its expertise to a variety of educational institutions in different cities and states, either as owners, managing partners, academic consultants or management.


At JBCN International, we aim to provide learners with 360 degree learning,
where the academic learning is complemented by infrastructure and strong co–curricular programs

JBCN School Borivali

At JBCN International, Borivali, we aim to provide learners with 360 degree learning, where the academic learning is complemented by infrastructure, a strong co – curricular program which includes sports, theatre and creative art and assessment that truly serves as feedback of learning rather than just testing. The events and special days at JBCN enhance the skills that the learners are introduced to in their classrooms, music, dance, art rooms and the sports field. Changing the existing trends in education is JBCN Borivali’s ‘Club’ culture. While many schools in the country organize clubs only to satisfy certain mandates, JBCN Borivali looks on to clubs as a value addition. At JBCN, the belief is that learning is continuous and lifelong – whether for board members, teachers or learners.

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JBCN School Oshiwara

Our aim is to create life-long learners, thinkers, innovators and leaders who are well versed in 21st century core skills, moulding them into responsible, conscientious and globally aware citizens who will stand out in the real world and make a difference to the world community. Our strong belief, that the learning environment that provides the right balance of freedom, creativity and structure, allowing the emergence of original thought is essential and the same is echoed in our school corridors as we watch our children blossom each day, a world, where boundaries would not restrict any question that our learners might have. We understand that to promote originality in thought, one must be able to accept that traditional thoughts will be challenged, and we must have the courage to allow the children to change them.

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JBCN School Parel

We implement the best educational practices and draw upon an array of resources aimed at supporting global learning through the IB and Cambridge curriculums. We have always believed that the student is central to everything that we do. Each student is unique and we give each of them a platform to develop their skills, talents and abilities to the fullest. Through a holistic approach to learning that incorporates academic, sports, performing arts and social responsibility within the curriculum, JBCN learners are recognised by their ability to empathize, look beyond the obvious, question, debate and seek answers, make decisions and have the conviction to stand by them and become global citizens.

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JBCN School Chembur

JBCN International School believes that every child is unique and gifted with exceptional talents, strengths and skills. To nurture these talents and skills, we have developed our EduCreative process which has a 3-dimensional approach i.e. Achieving Academic Excellence, Enriching Creative Experiences and Learning Beyond the Classroom. We believe that a robust programme needs to equip our children with skills and competencies that will thrive through the test of technology, trends, rapid transformation and time. In addition to providing a well designed curriculum through a variety of teaching-learning methodologies, learning at JBCN International Schools is further fortified through the iPROPEL programme.

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Childrens Nook

At Children’s Nook group of preschools were started by our chairperson Mrs. Pinky Dalal more than three decades ago. It is her vision and belief that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Meaningful education is that which raises compassionate human beings. Our curricula impart values by means of stories dramatisation and actual practices. Our cutting edge curriculum is supported by teaching methodologies which have evolved from years of practical experience and formal education system such as international Montessori, play way and Indian Gurukul systems. We live by our philosophy “Learning is easy ....when learning is fun, nurturing and empowering our young learners”.

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Nation of Learning Excellence (NLE)

A JBCN Education initiative that aims to provide top-quality professional development opportunities to teachers across the boards. These courses are accredited by both Indian & Foreign educational organisations of high repute. would be both in-service and pre-service, and delivered through a variety of modes - online, blended and face-to-face. The bouquet of courses and trainings offered to educators through NLE will cover the whole gamut of teacher training and professional development needs for the 21st century teacher, regardless of board affiliations, current skill level or location.

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Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

A new initiative by JBCN that aims to bring a plethora of activities under the umbrella of JBCN. The ECA programme supplements and complements in-school learning and provides opportunities for learners to broaden their horizons. The focus of this programme is to help learners utilize their time productively, under expert supervision. It will help the learners to develop specialized skills and provide exposure to new activities, enhancing their physical and emotional skills. As a whole, ECA intents to helps learners prepare for future challenges.


JBCN at Glance




JBCN Heal, Cares & Aware


"One People. One World", is a motto that defines their endeavours towards imbibing acceptance.
JBCN'ites believe that everyone should have opportunities and be accepted, should recognize that they are part of and responsible for the world we live in and that everyone can be uplifted. Most of their actions are influenced by this overarching belief. The learners imbibe this philosophy in all that they do whether it is teaching the helpers in school – literacy or building homes for economically backward through habitat for humanity or simply through stopping the use of ball pens so that we may reduce our consumption of plastic and wastage among others. The outreach programmes come alive through the JBCN Heals, Cares and Aware banner, adopting principles of the UN global sustainability project in daily practice. JBCN’ites are encouraged to challenge their boundaries and think outside the box through events such as the innovators convention, literary festivals, sporting tournaments and theatre performances to name a few.


At JBCN International, we aim to provide learners with 360 degree learning,
where the academic learning is complemented by infrastructure and strong co–curricular programs


People who have supported JBCN Education

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

President RARE Enterprises

Vimal Shah

Managing Director, Hubtown


People who believe in our vision

Tina Ambani

Industrialist and Philanthropist

Ashok Kurien

Media & Founder, Promoter & Director, Ambience Advertising Pvt. Ltd


At JBCN International, we aim to provide learners with 360 degree learning,
where the academic learning is complemented by infrastructure and strong co–curricular programs

Pinky Dalal

Founder and Chairperson

She started her journey in the field of education in 1984, when she set up her first preschool, Children’s Nook. She grew her preschool brand with a concentration on excellence and inculcating values that developed a strong foundation for the children. She is a passionate educator, who believes that “education is the journey of life”. Her belief that you don’t stop learning when you complete your education ensures that her schools foster an environment where children develop a love for learning and exploring. Today as Chairperson of JBCN, she has overseen 3 high school projects, various consulting and management projects and is looking forward to more strategic partnerships to ensure that the children within her schools get the best. She has seen thousands of children graduate from her schools and today their children are coming back to the schools –a testament to the dynamic teaching and learning strategies that ensure the curriculum is relevant even today. She believes that the school leader must be an innovator who is passionate about education and all the principals of the JBCN Schools subscribe to that vision.

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Most Admired School for Quality Education in Western India

We are proud to announce that JBCN Education has been awarded the ‘Most Admired School for Quality Education in Western India’ at World Education Summit and Awards 2018, organized by Worldwide Achievers.

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Children’s Nook Gamdevi

Awarded 9th Rank by Education World in India Preschool Rankings 2016. Ms.Lamiya Tambawala, Vice President, JBCN Education & Ms.Rima Sharda, Children’s Nook Head receiving the award and certificate.

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Global Sustainable School

JBCN International School Borivali bagged the Global Sustainable School Award 2017. Global Sustainable Awards 2017 is an evolutionary step towards supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals towards achieving end of poverty, protecting planet and prosperity for all.

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Excellence International School

Award from Shaina NC, National Spokesperson for BJP and Sandeep Khosla, CEO of Mid Day Infomedia Ltd. on behalf of JBCN International School, Parel for "Excellence in International School Education (South Mumbai)" from Mid Day Infomedia Ltd.

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Pride of India AWARD

Mrs Pinky Dalal, Founder & Chairperson receiving an award from Lord Raj Loomba, House of Lords (left) & Rohit Gandhi, Editor-in-chief, WION & DNA India (right) for "Pride of India, Educationist of the Year" from World Consulting & Research Corporation.

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New Technologies Usage

Mr.Sharan Kuruwa, CFO receiving an award on behalf of JBCN International Schools for "One of India's top 3 New Technologies Usage" from Education World.

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Most Promising Brand

India's Most Promising Brand 2016-17 received by Clive Rogers, Head of School, JBCN International School, Parel on behalf of JBCN Education.


Annual BCG school leaders convention - Reboot and Retool

Annual BCG school leaders convention - Reboot and Retool

Our Managing Director, Mr. Kunal Dalal was invited as a speaker to share his views and expertise on the panel discussion ‘How to Professionalize and Standardize Education Management’ at the annual BCG school leaders convention, Reboot and Retool: Education in times of change 2018. The event took place on 10th and 11th September 2018, at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai,India.

Mr. Kunal Dalal - Early Childhood Education National Conference 2019

Mr. Kunal Dalal - Early Childhood Education National Conference 2019

Kunal Dalal- Managing Director JBCN Education attended the Early Childhood Education National Conference 2019 organised by Education World as a Guest Speaker and addressed the audience on the topic ‘Teachers as Pedagogical Leaders’. The event was held on 19 th January’19 at Bangalore and was attended by many other notable figures from the education space. Conference video link »

Event Video: Mr. Kunal Dalal - Early Childhood Education National Conference 2019